Production Facility

Production Facility

Klimasan plant is a state of the art manufacturing facility, located in the Industrial Zone of Manisa, Turkey, at a land of 87,000 m2. The annual production capacity is over 550,000 units.

Klimasan applies Metalfrio Manufacturing Systems (MMS), an integrated manufacturing approach that targets the highest product quality level, lowest lead times and waste elimination. Manisa plant also utilizes lean tools; such as continuous flow, gemba, kaizen, kanban, poka-yoke, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to secure that quality and productivity targets are constantly and sustainably met. Klimasan Plant has adapted the approach of “Think Lean Be Creative” and has a detailed and strict system of setting and measuring achievement of goals.

Our certificates

ISO 9001-2008

Since 1999
Quality Management System

ISO-EN 14001

Since 2011
Environmental Management System

OHSAS 18001

Since 2011
Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 50001

Since 2013
Energy Management System

ISO 27001

Since 2016
Information Security Management System

ISO-EN IEC 17025

Since 2017
QM System for Testing And Calibration Labaratories


Klimasan has been selected as a “National Champion” representing Turkey in the 2014/2015 European Business Award.

Klimasan has been selected as a “National Champion representing Turkey in the 2016/2017 European Business Award.

‘First Prize in Production’ and ‘First Prize in Investment’ in Cooling Industry by the Chamber of Industry (İzmir/February 2016)

Contribution award to the country in manufacturing, exportation and employment by Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (Manisa/January 2016)

The highest export award as the US dollar amount (3rd rank) in the Cooling / Air Conditioning sector by the Aegean Exporters’ Association  (İzmir/February 2016)

Export Achievement Awards by HVAC-R Industry Exporters’ Union (İSİB) (Ankara/April 2016)

As Klimasan, Turkey’s first manufacturer of commercial refrigerators, we became the first company in the field of both commercial refrigerators and deep freezers to receive the “Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate” which has an international validity and issued by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).
From the beginning of the epidemic we successfully implemented safe production practices & regulations in our Metalfrio Solutions Manisa factory. We successfully maintained the supply chain flow by fulfilling the infection prevention and control procedures. We continue to fulfill our commitments to our globally known domestic and international customers without interrupting production with the precautions we take.

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