Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Metalfrio/Klimasan is committed to design and deliver products with the highest level of safety, performance and energy efficiency by utilizing latest technologies and state-of-art design contents.
Metalfrio Solutions/Klimasan with its diverse and extensive expertise in commercial refrigeration and a team of high potential professionals is constantly offering innovatively designed solutions to its customers.


Metalfrio / Klimasan R&D is committed to design and to deliver products with the highest level of safety, performance and energy efficiency. Metalfrio / Klimasan R&D thrives at utilizing latest technologies in its products targeting and its effective diffusion into the market place by offering innovatively designed solutions to our customers.

In recent years, several new products categories have been added to our portfolio, to outreach emerging markets, such as Tropical Range, Supermarket Islands Freezers & Coolers, High Efficiency Chest Freezers etc. Investing in technologies and intellectual capital has helped Metalfrio / Klimasan to drastically enhance its product portfolio and make a strong brand presence globally. Special focus has been put on the aesthetics so as to deliver eye catching impulse sales generation products by providing innovative design, digital door, display screens, LED systems, various claddings etc. Energy efficiency is a key driver for all developments, attained by the use of optimised and fine-tuned systems with effective selection of electrical and cooling components.

Klimasan Research Centre is recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (MoSIT).  MoSIT supports industry research and development through its Technology and Innovation Support Division &  Research Support Programme Division and Klimasan has more than successfully complied to all requirements. Metalfrio / Klimasan R&D mission is to serve customers with competitive, efficient, green and high quality innovative products through the inquisitive spirit of its research & development team.