S220 BB DD Sliding
Gross/Useful Capacity (lt.): 223 / 184
Internal dimensions (WxDxH) (mm): 797 x 338 x 751
External dimensions (WxDxH) (mm): 888 x 504 x 886
Facing: 12
Can 330 ml. Loading (Regular/max.) 240
Bottles 500ml. Loading: 120
Can 330 ml. Loading (ZigZag/max.): 302
Bottles 500ml. Loading-ZigZag: 151
Refrigerant: R134a/R600a
Temp. Range °C: 0 / +10 °C
Loading Container 40'HC: 100
Loading Truck 13,6 m: 122
888 mm
886 mm
  • Width
    888 mm
  • Depth
    504 mm
  • Height
    886 mm
  • Facing
  • Temp. Range °C
    0 / +10 °C

Electronic Thermostat

Electronic thermostat supports energy saving by controlling system fans between required temperature levels. This feature may have many different options depending on customer requirements.


Shows inner temperature of the cooler/freezer and may be either digital or analogue according to market requirements.

LED Illumination

Different LED variations and configurations may be applied on cooler body and door glass in accordance to promotion.

Door Handle

You can select among available handle options that will be suitable for your models.

User’s Manual

Energy Label

Product Info Sheet


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