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Klimasan, a member of Metalfrio Solutions Group, offers a complete range of solutions for the plug-in commercial refrigeration market worldwide. Having a diverse portfolio of products and services and with its extensive expertise, Klimasan / Metalfrio Group is currently one of the largest companies in the industry and continues to grow.

Klimasan offers several products and custom-made designs under its brands  -Metalfrio, Klimasan, Şenocak- which are designed to meet different customer needs and market requirements. Our customers are leading global and regional brands in the beverage, ice cream, and food service/retail sector.

Klimasan not only provides refrigeration products, but also offers complete and customized merchandising tools for the point of sale to support its customers’ business strategy. We do take care of the whole value adding chain from concept, development, product design and manufacturing to complete after-sales support through Life Cycle services.

Klimasan manufacturing plant in Turkey, has a capacity of over 812,000 units/year and supplies 165 products to over 1600 customers in over 100 countries and being listed withim top 500 companies in Turkey.

Klimasan and its leading brands Metalfrio/Klimasan/Şenocak has built a strong reputation for over 50 years as a reliable and innovative supplier of coolers and freezers.

  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Professionalism


  • 550,000 pcs / year production capacity;
  • Over 1000 employees;
  • 350-400 customer networks in 79 countries from Africa to the Far East, Europe to America.


  • Metalfrio Solutions has built a reputation for reliability for over 50 years through constant research and development of cutting edge solutions.

Focus on Client

  • Complete solutions: from product concept development to production, distribution and post-sale services
  • Deep understanding of market needs and the business of its customers
  • Delivery of fast and reliable solutions
  • Innovations resulting in customized products for each customer’s needs
  • Commitment to our customers: quality, timeliness, and competitiveness